5 Must-Have Holiday Season Cheesy Snacks

5 Must-Have Holiday Season Cheesy Snacks - fromaggio

After a year of craziness and uncertainty, we’ve finally made it to the holidays! Although this season may look a little different this year (and celebrated with loved ones virtually), those cherished traditional holiday snacks can be enjoyed here, there, and everywhere! We might be a little biased, but when it comes to everything snack-related, we like to keep things in the cheese family. Kick off the festivities cheese making at home with recipes passed down from your Italian grandmother or pulling out all the stops for kosher-friendly cheese bites. Looking for a little more easy cheese inspiration to feast on this year? Use Fromaggio to recreate some of these flavor-packed cheese favorites:


Spanakopita Tartlets with Feta

Big Fat Greek Spanakopita Tartlets with spinach and homemade feta is the perfect cheesy bite for the holidays. These savory pastries are made with a delectable feta filling mixed with fresh spinach wrapped in phyllo dough. When you take that first bite into this crunchy outer layer- creamy filling combo it’ll feel like the stars aligned.


Charcuterie Board

We couldn’t make a holiday cheese-focused food roundup without an epic charcuterie board spread. Those who’ve tuned in here before know we are all fans of the charcuterie board and what’s better is how easy they can be to switch things up or make seasonal. This time of year we like to add some subtle nods to the holidays to our boards like Rosemary sprigs or cranberries. For the best Fromaggio-approved board we recommend pulling a selection of different homemade cheeses that range in smokiness and textures. Stick to the mantra “you can never have enough” if you go the cheeseboard route this season!


Arancini with Parmesan

Feeling a little homesick for those go-to family recipes like arancini? They’re like meatballs but better! Serve up your own version of the Sicilian-born arancini rice ball with rich Parmesan made from your own kitchen! Whip up grandma’s secret marinara sauce, grab a bottle of red wine, and dig into these cheesy rice balls.


Cheese Latkes with Ricotta or Cottage Cheese

These pancake-lookalikes are traditionally served during the Jewish celebration of Hanukkah. When you find a recipe made with potatoes, flour, and homemade cheese, there’s nothing that can really go wrong, right? Try them for yourself this year!


Caprese Salad or Bruschetta with Mozzarella

There’s nothing quite like fresh mozzarella cheese, except maybe some fresh tomatoes to go with it! With this winning combo, you’ve got options! Turn to a classic Caprese Salad side dish drizzled with a sweet balsamic dressing or crispy Bruschetta bites with fresh mozzarella cheese spread atop.


No matter if you’re near or far, Fromaggio wishes you and your family a safe, happy, and CHEESY holiday season!

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