fromaggio Presents: Perfect Cheese Pairings

fromaggio Presents: Perfect Cheese Pairings - fromaggio

Here at fromaggio we’re all incredible lovers of cheese.  That might sound pretty obvious given that we developed a smart kitchen appliance that lets you make artisanal quality cheese in your own home.  When throwing a dinner party or a wine and cheese night, there’s lots of things you need to check off your list, and you may opt to buy your own cheese instead of making it at home.  However, if you’re buying cheese from your local cheesemaker you’re going to be paying top dollar for some top shelf cheese (and if throwing a party, that means less money to use on other quality ingredients).  And if you opt to go for a generic grocery store variety you may be saving money but are compromising on taste. Then there’s always your vegan or lactose intolerant friends you forgot you invited to your cheese-themed party that you don’t want to leave out - and quality dairy-free cheeses from health food stores can also burn a hole in your shopping budget quick.  

That’s part of the reason we developed fromaggio in the first place.  We believe cheese shouldn’t be expensive and should always taste great, no matter what kind of cheese you want to make!  Fromaggio can make a variety of high quality cheeses, and depending on the type of cheese or complexity you’ll be able to set-it-and-forget-it a few days prior to your party.  You can even use plant based dairy products like soy or nut milks to create bold flavors that will put the grocery store brands to shame.  

Buying your own ingredients to make your own cheese with fromaggio can cut the cost in half or more than if you were to purchase it at any cheese maker or grocery store.  Meaning you can even make a variety of cheeses for different appetizers or to create a tasting palette with different wines. The money you’ll be saving on cheese can be put towards other fresh high quality ingredients, or even that vintage wine you’ve been eyeing.   

Cheese Pairings

We believe in always making the best impression.  And what could be more impressive than a gathering of good friends, great food, and the perfect cheese to compliment the festivities?  Our infographic will help you assess which cheese flavor notes pair well with types of food or easy hors d'oeuvres to serve alongside your cheese, and which wine and drink pairings make for unforgettable flavor profiles.   

Always have easy to make, less expensive, and boldly flavored cheese right on your countertop with the first smart home cheesemaker from fromaggio.  Impress friends and family for any occasion and start making your own cheese at home!

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