Mozzarella 2 hours By Fromaggio

Mozzarella 2 hours
With just a few simple ingredients, this step by step recipe will show you how easy it is to make cheese at home using the traditional stretching technique. From milk to yum, this recipe is fun for all ages.
Type of milk: cow
Cheese style: fresh-soft
Difficulty level: intermediate
Cheese type: mozzarella


1. Instructions
Please insert the plastic drainer into the heating pot. Then add the soft cutter/mixer on the shaft by pushing it down as far as possible.
2. +Milk
Please add: 3 liter of pasteurized cow milk.
3. +Ingredients
Please add:
1 ml of Calcium Chloride
4. Mix
Time: 00:07:00
Temperature: 20 °C
Speed: 100 RPM
5. +Ingredients
Please add:
3.2 ml of Citric acid
Tip: Dissolve fully in 1 cup of cool water. Prepare to add very slowly during the whole length of the next 5 minute mixing phase.
6. Mix
Time: 00:05:00
Temperature: OFF
Speed: 100 RPM
7. Mix
Time: 00:18:00
Temperature: 32 °C
Speed: 50 RPM
8. +Ingredients
Please add:
1.2 ml of Rennet
Tip: Mix in 1/8 cup of cool water.
9. Mix
Time: 00:00:20
Temperature: 32 °C
Speed: 100 RPM
10. Heat
Time: 00:25:00
Temperature: OFF
Speed: OFF
11. Cut
Temperature: OFF
Cut Size: Soft
12. Heat
Time: 00:10:00
Temperature: OFF
Speed: OFF
13. Cut
Temperature: OFF
Cut Size: Soft
14. Heat
Time: 00:15:00
Temperature: 42 °C
Speed: OFF
15. Heat
Time: 00:05:00
Temperature: OFF
Speed: OFF
16. Drain
To drain, lift up the drainer by the handle. Put the mesh strainer on top of the heating pot, and the drainer inside of the mesh strainer
Time: 00:45:00
Tip: To assist with the draining process, tip the drainer from side to side every 10 minutes, releasing some more of the whey back into heating pot.
17. Instructions
Pour the curd from the drainer into the strainer.
18. Drain
Lift up drainer in order to drain. Set it at an angle on the rim of the heating pot for further draining. Align the notches on the bottom of the drainer with the rim of the heating pot. To facilitate draining, you may rotate the drainer from one side to the other.
Time: 00:10:00
19. Instructions
While the machine heats the whey for stretching in the next step: cut or separate the curd into 4 parts. Then prepare the brine as per following steps. For the next few steps, you will need to use heat resistant gloves.
20. +Ingredients
Please add:
500 ml of Water
10 ml of Salt
2 ml of Calcium Chloride
1 ml of Vinegar
Tip: Brine at 2% saturation of salt
21. Heat
Time: 00:20:00
Temperature: 90 °C
Speed: OFF
22. Instructions
With gloves on, shape it into a ball very gently with one part of the curd.
23. Instructions
Place it into a ladle and lower into the hot whey(for about 10 seconds). Then scoop it up and begin to press it very gently and shape a ball. Repeat twice.
24. Instructions
Then scoop back up for stretching. Pull and stretch the cheese, creating cohesion and elasticity, then fold back in on itself. Put the ball back in the warmed whey again, then repeat this stretch-fold-dip motion 2 more times.
25. Instructions
Now hold the warm mozzarella ball with both hands, shaping it into a globe by pulling the surface and folding it into the center of the bottom of the ball, pushing the curd down inside itself. Pinch and twist off the bottom opening to seal your ball for a shiny globe of mozzarella.
26. Instructions
Repeat for the other 3 parts. First cover the pot so the whey can warm again for a few minutes.
27. Heat
Time: 00:10:00
Temperature: 90 °C
Speed: OFF
28. Instructions
Place the balls into a container with 500mL of cold brine and refrigerate.
29. Instructions