Cheese Lovers with Dietary Restrictions, Meet Fromaggio:

Cheese Lovers with Dietary Restrictions, Meet Fromaggio: - fromaggio

No matter what dietary restrictions you may follow, we understand you just can’t give up CHEESE, especially on pizza! While vegan, kosher, lactose-free, and other types of specialty cheeses are expensive and usually inconvenient to find in-store, homemade cheese is the way to go. With the Fromaggio cheesemaker, it’s easy to make any type of artisanal cheeses at home and customize recipes according to your taste and dietary restrictions. Ultimately, you’re in control of what ingredients are being added, so you’ll never have to worry about what’s inside your cheeses. Keep reading to learn why Fromaggio is perfect for cheese lovers who have the following dietary restrictions:


Lactose-Free and Low-Lactose

If you’re lactose intolerant, you’ve probably learned the hard way and experienced uncomfortable digestive symptoms after consuming your favorite cheesy foods. But that probably didn’t stop you from finding an alternative option or avoiding fresh cheeses (ricotta and mozzarella) that are higher in lactose compared to hard, aged cheeses (parmesan and cheddar). With Fromaggio, you choose what kind of cheese to make, whether it’s low lactose cheeses or a cheese recipe that substitutes for lactose-free milk.



Going vegan has become the trend for many these days! Today, sticking to a plant-based diet isn’t as hard as it used to be with more delicious vegan options out there, especially when it comes to dairy-free products. With almond, cashew, oat, and other nut-based milk on the market, vegan cheese isn’t hard to come by. However, it’s more economical to make your own using our vegan cheese recipes. And if you asked us, there’s nothing more fresh and delicious than indulging in homemade cheese. Thankfully, the vegan cheese options are endless when you own a Fromaggio cheesemaker!



Surprisingly not all cheese you buy at the grocery store is vegetarian! This is because of an animal enzyme found in most European cheeses. Fromaggio makes it easy to make vegetarian-friendly cheese using our microbial, vegetarian rennet ingredient made from plants as well as tofu.



When it comes to rigid dietary restrictions set by religious law, it can be challenging to know what processed foods are kosher. Making cheese from home with Fromaggio eliminates the guessing game. If you didn’t know, all of our ingredients (cultures and rennet) are made kosher friendly, so you don’t need to worry.



Cheese is one of the most keto diet-friendly foods you can eat! So why not make your own low-carb cheeses like goat, blue cheese, and cream cheese and incorporate them into your favorite keto recipes?



If you’re concerned about GMOs in your cheese, we’re proud to say our ingredients are non-GMO! So no more checking food labels for unwanted preservatives, additives, and other low-quality ingredients.


Instead of eliminating cheese to fit your diet, consider making homemade cheese recipes that can be customized to work with all types of dietary restrictions. Share your favorite niche cheese recipes with us in the comments below!


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מרץ 30, 2021 • Posted by sal ybe

What is meant by “kosher friendly”? Are your cultures and rennet certified kosher by a kosher certifying agency?

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