FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

When will Fromaggio ship?

Fromaggio's shipping date was delayed because of the global pandemic. However, we have now finished our first round of production (finally!). Orders will be fulfilled in the order they were received. If you received a confirmation email for your order, then you can be rest assured that we are working hard to get it to you as soon as possible. Once your order ships, you will receive an email. We thank you for your patience. Like a fine cheese, some things take time. But we can assure you that it will be worth the wait. Rest assured, we are trying hard to get Fromaggio on to your kitchen countertop!

How long does it take to make cheese?

How much cheese can Fromaggio make?

What kind of cheese can fromaggio make?

Does Fromaggio age cheese?

Do I need to buy Fromaggio's ingredients in order to make cheese?

What´s different about the copper version?