FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Fromaggio's capacity and yield?
It currently holds 1 gallon of milk which makes around 1/2 pound of hard cheese and 1 pound of soft cheese per cycle. The yield depends on the type of cheese and milk (for example, you can almost double your yield with goats milk). Our aim is to keep the machine small enough that it can fit on a kitchen counter. That quantity is what you get in the average supermarket visit, and you can run as many cycles as you want or need.
2. How long does it take to make cheese?
It depends on the type of cheese! A mozzarella, for example, can be done in as quickly as 30 minutes. Other cheese, especially harder cheese, can require up to 48 hours for pressing and draining. After, fresh cheese like mozzarella, feta, chevre, ricotta etc. are best when eaten as soon as possible. Other types of cheese are aged. 
3. Does Fromaggio age cheese?
No. Fromaggio can prepare many type of fresh cheese which are enjoyed without aging. It can also make hard and soft cheese, which can then be removed from the machine and aged. Its pressing and draining functions can prepare the cheese well for aging. Most home cheesemakers use a wine fridge for aging, but we are also working with a partner who is developing a home cheese ager. 
4. Where is the copper plating on the copper version?
The copper version has copper plating on the exterior only, not the interior. Copper is both beautiful, and serves a functional purpose by facilitating heat conduction and distribution- an important factor in cheesemaking. However, even though the amounts would be very small, we did not put copper on the interior in order to avoid it leaching.
5. Will Fromaggio have the right electricity/voltage and plug for my location?
Your Fromaggio will work in the shipping location where you ordered it. We will have several plug and voltage versions, so the plug and voltage will work in your shipping address location. If you move to a location that has different voltage or plugs, you can purchase a relatively inexpensive convertor or adaptor for that location.